1. Purandara Dasa

Srinivas Nayaka (1484–1564), later know as Purandara dasa, was a prominent music composer and poet. He has penned numerous devotional and humanitarian songs using his pen name "Purandara vittala". He is credited for systematizing the method of teaching Karnatic music and is revered as "Sangeetha pitaamaha".

You might be wondering what does he has to do with Bhavageethe. I have posted few of my favorite "Keerthane" on this blog. I couldn't overlook him when I created "Sangeetha" section and this is my tribute to the great philosopher and musician. Bhavageethe or sugama sangeetha might not be entirely classical based songs but yet it retains the essence of it.

2. C. Ashwath

Ashwath Narayana (1939-2009) is a well known music director/ composer and prominent singer of Kannada songs. He is credited for popularizing Bhavageethe songs in Karnataka. He was trained in Karnatic and Hindusthani musical disciplines and known for his powerful and unique voice. He has composed many songs for Kannada movies such as "Mysore mallige", "Santa Shishunala sharifa", "Spandana" etc.,

He has composed music and credited for 75 Kannada sugama sangeetha/ bhavageethe  albums. His contribution to Bhavageethe world is unprecedented. He was able to conduct successful musical concerts and gathering in India and around the world. He showcased his talent by attracting crowd for non-film songs which is uncommon in India.

3. Mysore Ananthswamy


4. H.K. Narayan



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