Kavi parichaya

1. Kuvempu

Kuppalli Venkatappagowda Puttappa (1904 - 1994), was a prominent Kannada poet and writer. He is known by his pen-name Kuvempu and revered as "Rashtrakavi" for his contribution to Kannada literary world. He has penned Karnataka state anthem "Jayabharatha jananiya tanujate". His poems are immortalized by renowned music directors and singers. Moreover, his poems are part of school curriculum, particularly  "O nanna chetana" is a well known poem. He is one among the recipient of Jnanapith Award, highest literary honor and Padma Vibhushan by Goverment of India for his contribution to Kannada literature.
His contribution to the field of Bhavageethe is immense. His songs depicts human emotions with a subtle social message for progressive thinking for ex.,"Nooru devaranella". He has penned numerous Kannada patriotic songs such as  "Elladaru iru", "Kannada ene" etc., which are widely popular.
Few of his poems like "Naane veene neene tanti", "teredide mane O baa atithi", "doni saagali" etc., were incorporated in movies. Dooradarshan, national TV of India telecasts his songs regularly which has helped to reach remote places of Karnataka.

2. Da.Ra. Bendre

Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre (1896 - 1981),  was a popular Kannada poet and writer. He is known by his pen-name "Ambikatanayadatta". He has been honored by Jnanapith Award and Padma Shri by Goverment of India, for his contribution to Kannada literature. His poems were written in spoken language and known for having North Karnataka dialect. A large range of emotions including philosophical, romantic and life viewed with a layman's perspective were beautifully depicted in his poetry.

Kannada film industry used many of poems in popular movies such as "uttara druvadim dakshina", "ilibu baa tayi", "moodala maneya" etc. Ofcourse, Ugadi festival is incomplete without "yuga yugagi kaledaru" song.

Sugama sangeetha and bhavageethe world embraced his work and made his poems in Dharwad dialect more popular through out Karnataka. Few memorable songs are "innu yaka baralillavva", "gama gama gamadasthava", "mugila marige raga ratiya", "onde baari nanna nodi" etc. "Naaku tanti" is a master piece which got him national recognition. 

3. Gopala Krishna Adiga


4. K.S. Narasimhaswamy


5. G.S. Shivaruddrappa


6. K.S. Nissar Ahmed


7. N.S. Lakshminarayana Bhatta


8. H.S. Venkateshmurthy


9. B.R. Lakshman Rao


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